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I’m frustrated (got the hump!)

php client examples don't work

I downloaded the hello_monkey_client.php code down. I edited to add my own accountSID and authToken.

I downloaded the official PHP client libraries and then generated the html page by running php on the command line.

I open this page in by browser - the connect token has generated and the connect line is:

I load the page and the log line says "loading pigeons". I click on the call button and nothing happens. The functional 'call' fires (I walked through it in Firebug and put some console.logs in) but nothing of consequence to the user happens.

The thing I don't really understand in the tutorial is that I am asked to use my accountSID and authToken but then the code uses this line:

Well obviously that string 'represents' some sort of security restricted activity (the actual number I presume) but where it comes from, if it is valid in the UK and all the rest is just not mentioned.

The log line doesn't change. The error and ready functions don't fire, nil, nada nothing. There is no outbound connection in Firebug. There is no record of an attempted call in the Twilio Logs on the online page.

We are trying to get an Erlang client library to work and were thrashing about thinking it was our code - but it seems that it is your code that is borked somehow.

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